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Fitspiraton: Jacqueline Defatta

I owe them so much for pushing me, encouraging me, and making me want to show up on days it’s tough. The relationships are so special and I’m so grateful for the impact Anderson’s has had on my life!

I started at Anderson’s the day I dropped my kiddos off to their first day of school in August of 2021. I had made my mind up that I wanted to get healthy and with my youngest starting Kindergarten…I had no excuses! 👊🏻 I chose Anderson’s specifically because my husband is a healthcare professional, and we would get a discount. I also knew they had a lot to offer their members so it was a win-win such as classes, support, trainers, a variety of equipment, good hours for flexibility, etc.

My progress has felt quick and slow, up and down, and really everything in between. I’m working hard to give myself grace as I continue on this journey. I understand changes don’t happen overnight, but there are often times the scale doesn’t change. Thankfully, my inches still do! I’ve slowly realized it’s so much more about my lifestyle and the joy in the journey rather than fast results or day to day changes.

If I could choose one word for my fitness journey, it would be DISCIPLINE. It has been over a year now that I have made my physical and mental health a priority. In making it a priority, I structured my days to start with my morning workout, and I’ve made it my non-negotiable me time. I’ve never been so dedicated and consistent in something so I’m very proud of myself. Of course, I have days I would rather turn the car around, but I’m always glad I completed my workout when I leave. It makes it SO much easier to show up to a workout knowing I have amazing fitness instructors who will build me up and encourage me me on hard days. I can honestly say I could not have done it without them!

Being a busy mama is what I feel got me into this mess. When I had finally had enough and wanted to prioritize my health, I made a way. Finding a gym that offered childcare was a huge perk, especially for extended holidays and summer breaks. I also had to shake off the guilt of putting myself before my children at times. I had it backwards thinking my kids would suffer if I brought them to the gym. Boy was I wrong! They have grown to love the staff and my older boys have enjoyed learning how to stay physically fit and have even excelled in gym class at school because of what they’ve learned at Anderson’s! In all this, I’ve learned that kids adapt so well and EVERYONE benefits from a healthy-minded and physically strong and healthy mama. And honestly, I think our kids need to see us taking care of ourselves. I’m a much better wife and mother for taking care of myself in this way and you can be too!

I would love to tell you which class is my favorite but I’ve realized how well they all work together to give me my best results. Power Pump with Tiffany is amazing for toning up all areas of the body and educating myself in strength exercises. Melanie’s spin class has brought me to a place in my cardio I never thought was possible. Reva has challenged me in her bootcamp class to a level that I actually feel I could conquer CrossFit! Yoga and Foam Rolling have taught me how to better treat myself and that my body needs recovery, too.

The classes are complete and all-encompassing, but my favorite part of Anderson’s is the staff and class members. I owe them so much for pushing me, encouraging me, and making me want to show up on days it’s tough. The relationships are so special and I’m so grateful for the impact Anderson’s has had on my life!

Special Comments from an Instructor: Melanie states, “Jackie is a rockstar. From her first day, she walked into my class with a huge smile on her face ready to workout. She is self-motivated, disciplined, and committed to her fitness journey. Keep up the awesome work, Jackie. You are amazing.”

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